Coronavirus Update

Here’s Joe.

He’s waiting to welcome you with a squirt of hand sanitiser!! As with all outdoor businesses, we are keeping an eye on the Coronavirus situation and recommendations for outdoor social activities. We plan to remain open for as long as we can, to honour bookings and help give you all a dose of fresh air.

We will remain vigilant with cleaning and have soap and hand sanitizer on hand (??) for you and our staff to use. So please wash your hands before and after climbing. We will do our best to try to ensure you have enough space and recommend you avoid close contact with others until all this blows over.

Please make sure each member of your family, group, couple have a pair of gloves to use on the ropes, to minimise risk.

It goes without saying, but please do not attend/bring anyone who has either a new continuous cough or high temperature.

All that said, we hope to be here to entertain you safely as long as we possibly can. Updates on our status will appear on this page as soon as we have any news.

Stay safe, people…. all the best,

The BOA Team.