The team at Branching Out Adventures have missed you all, and are looking forward to seeing you again.

We are reopening on Saturday 11th July. BOOKINGS ARE LIVE. When you arrive you will notice some changes we have made to keep everyone healthy.

The Vertex Industry Group (“VIG”) comprises a number of organisations including Branching Out Adventures and individuals that offer, or are otherwise involved in, the operation of high ropes, adventure parks and zip wire activities. We have come up with some guidance with changes which will need to be implemented in order to protect customers and staff once the sector can re-open by providing appropriate information, guidelines and recommendations.

Below is a a video on our to inform you all of the changes we have had to implement.

All the best, The BOA Team.

Branching out adventures

the thrill of


Relax, get your breath back and delight in the beautiful woodland scenery at our HQ. Enjoy locally-sourced refreshments whilst settling back to watch your friends and family have fun amongst the trees.


High Ropes

Bring it on! Clamber up the long Burma Bridge on to the high ropes course, challenge your strength and agility on the multi vines ,wobbling along the postmen’s foot wire and onto many other challenging elements suspended from the trees.

Low ropes

If you’re a beginner, or just not so keen on heights, then have no fear as the low ropes course is here to get you started. This exciting adventure course offers a challenging and demanding activity that will test your balance and confidence at a comfortable height of 3-4 metres above the ground. The perfect introduction.

Lolo Ropes

The Lolo Ropes is a rope course designed for children aged 3 to 5 years of age, just off the ground, but with all the fun and experience of using a harness and safety equipment, just like the bigger kids.

Giant Swing

We strap you in… We winch you up… We pause for a brief moment… We let you go… weightless… accelerating through double gravity…. Simple. Effective. Awesome. Addictive. Adult supervision (not participation) required.

Bounce About

Scramble the cargo nets into our exciting new giant trampolines in the trees. Bounce About is a system of fully enclosed nets on 4 levels, connected with chutes and jump down areas. Topping out in a ‘hang out room’ right at the top. We have exciting tunnels with caves when you reach the end.

Zip Wire

Strapped into the harness, you balance on the edge of the launch platform high up in a towering oak. Our safety officer gives you the thumbs up, and your adrenaline kicks in as you find yourself flying through the trees on our 110 metre zip wire.

Climbing Wall

If you have not yet satisfied your head for heights, swap trees for rocks and challenge yourself again with our climbing wall! Conveniently situated next to the giant swing, our instructors will soon have you clipped in and on your way. When you make it to the top, take a moment to enjoy the view before ringing the bell to mark your success and abseiling back down to terra firma


Branching Out is the perfect tree top birthday venue! We can provide up to 3 hours of solid fun for the birthday child and their friends. Feel free to browse the activities on the website


If you are looking for something to specifically ‘challenge’ a group or team of people, then Branching Out Adventures is just the thing! So, what is it we offer? We include the Pamper Pole, Leap of Faith, Giant Swing, and Blind climbing.


During Holiday Clubs there will be brilliant opportunities to make the best shelters, get active and have other stand-out achievements! No matter what the weather