Scramble the cargo nets into our exciting new giant trampolines in the trees.
Bounce About is a system of fully enclosed nets on 4 levels, connected with chutes and jump down areas. Topping out in a ‘hang out room’ right at the top. We have exciting tunnels with caves when you reach the end.
Truly original and exciting, the first and currently the only tree top nets South of Wales, enjoy !

General information
Min age/height: 4 years
Adult supervision not participation required. Please see our FAQ
What to wear: Its an outdoor venue located in woodland, dress appropriately, no shoes, robust footwear required, shoes damage the nets
Gloves: Not required
What’s Included: 1 go
Time taken: 30 minutes
Fitness: Quite hard work, weakness or injuries to ankles and knees not recommended to use
WOW Factor: Nothing like it, very exciting